At Old Hill Children’s Day School it is our belief that two of the
most influential elements in a child’s early development are his/her relationships with teachers and the quality of the environment in which time is spent. For this reason, we place our highest priority on providing responsive, affectionate and excellent care in a safe and well-equipped environment.

It is our first mission to ensure that each child develops a strong sense of importance and self-esteem -- a feeling of belonging in
a “home away from home”. With this important foundation our children progress to happily, safely and eagerly experience the wonderful developmental opportunities they discover each and every day with us -- from independent use of our carefully chosen toys and materials to active social interaction with friends.

Our comprehensive curriculum is based on a learn-through-play philosophy with a whole-child orientation that focuses on all areas of development including cognitive, emotional, social and physical aspects of growth. Our preschool program also incorporates a creative Kindergarten Readiness component to prepare our “seniors“ for the next step in their social and academic lives.